ITSONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX AKA Yellow Jesus AKA Pope XX AKA Sonic Tha God AKA Sonic Tha Prince AKA Spankanator AKA Big Daddy Spankz AKA Lionhart's AKA the mt dick eater  abusive father is a notable MTer, who's often looked up to by many others in the Music section. His penis is word of legend,  it's been said that his penis can cure cancer, and even make a blind bitch see. His penis has been spread through word of mouth since Moses found The Ten Suggestions in the Virgin Mary's Golden bush. He's also known to have pimped majority of the women in MT. Earthbound's his current mistress.

Side bitches:

  • cooltaty99
  • ChanelG
  • Kekeswag (Wifed)
  • Eaglesflight

Rumours of a Yellow Jesus X cooltaty sex tape has surfaced and been in circulation for quite some time. Yellow Jesus Commented on this only saying, "Pussy was fire. I put out the flames." The tape is said to have resembled something like a train destroying a small daycare then wrecking into a wet tunnel. Rumours have also leaked about her taking extreme care of the balls, and even naming one of them after her pet Guinea Pig Columbus. cooltaty currently is unavailable to comment about her anal reckoning. 

Catch phrases:

  • Struggle Bars
  • Doe
  • You emotional doe?
  • Suck my dick bitch nigga
  • Once you go Yellow, the booty turn to jello
  • AKA
  • Lifes a bitch, pussy been wet

His Hobbies include:

  • Fucking bitches
  • Getting money
  • Making keyyon cry like a bitch ass nigga
  • verbally fucking ro-rappers
  • Circle jerks with historical figures
  • Pranking calling Dat Nigga Buddah
  • Roasting emotional muthafuckas