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"Early Career : Based Wekkless was born in the 90s in the tough neighborhood of Malibu. He was interrogated everyday on his way to school because the police always suspected him of doing something bad. He went to highschool at EHS, home of the cougars. Where he played Basketball and Wrestling.

Solo Career : Based Wekkless joined the Music Forum around 2011, and signed with Nilbog Records. He has dropped several mixtapes since then, and his been called the Greatest Ro-Rapper ever. (No one disagrees). Based Wekkless has also had the #1 Roblox album for 3 Weeks, Entitled : Everything Based , which has 23+ Taken in the model section.

Controversey : On a day where Based Wekkless was looking to troll, he encountered the Taylor MG where he met long time friend altair30 to make a song. Based Wekkless was banned and harrassed at the door of the studio, then later he dissed altair30 and ended his career.

Based Wekkless has also been arrested multiple times for dealing with his affiliations with the LGG and La Compa.

Whats Next? : Based Wekkless is now encouraging others on the music forum to participate in positive activities instead of hating. Based Wekkless's last album "Based Angel" comes out sometime in september, says Ro-Pitchfork , Based Wekkless also has a new book coming out soon called 'Why am I getting pulled over?'"

- Wekkless, having too much free time

Wekkless ( [alternatively Based Wekkless the Edgy Based God of the Rebel Kids] is currently an ironic ro-rapper who formerly took ro-rapping seriously. He is literally the last person to jump on that bandwagon only after FL1PP3D. Most of his material is painfully bad or suprisingly decent. Wekkless is MT's wannabe Lil B but sadly that spot was taken by YoloMasterFlash light years ago. Wekkless also thinks Trance is good, lol.

Wekkless has many alts including ThankYouBasedWekk.

"Ro-Wrestling is dead" - Wekkless commenting on his excessive roleplaying (what a loser).