He's a Ro-Rapper trying to act like an MTer, a shitposter, and a self porclaimed Trill man.

Early CareerEdit

He started off by meeting one of the worst ro rappers to date, drkninjaz, and acted like he was in the illuminati. He called critics haters, and was generally disliked in the MT. He soon attempted multiple comebacks which fucking sucked. Finally, he joined Hood Records, left drkninjaz, and became BFF's with Biskit7824.

Late Career and Ending

He turned his image around and made friends with MTers. He also turned his rapping around for the better and is now considered a Top 10 Ro-Rapper by numerous faggots who actually make that list. He eventually lost activeness and only appears for features. He has also managed to eclipse his mentor, Biskit, in skill. 

Current Occupations

Shadybrute is now a designer in clothing companies, and shittily attempts to be an MTer. He also has some "music" posted on his bandcamp: