"_Obey Photo shoot_" by Swag201

"Hey YouTube, today I'm going to be doing ANOTHER review..." - iwantpsp

Ro-Rap is a form of roleplaying where users imagine themselves as famous rappers. The main demographic of ro-rappers are 8-10 year old white boys. Some notable ro-rappers are iwantpsp, Altar30, Swag201 and LilRac.


Ro-rap is fairly controversial in MT and outside of the ro-rap 'community.' Generally, posters on MT dismiss ro-rap as spam or walls of text. This causes the creator of the ro-rap to say you're a "hater." There have been two waves of people from MT taking a negative stance against ro-rap. The first was members spamming ro-rap and related groups. Wave two was simply posting "spam" in the thread and reporting it. Two of the most controversial ro-rappers turned shitposters are without a question larus3 and Iwantpsp. They're known for posting horrible ro-raps and derailing threads with autism.

Tolerable Ro-Rappers

85% of ro-rappers are horrible and ruin MT. The lucky 15% have left that community behind and have became either posters or ironic ro-rappers who parody ro-rap and the people surrounding it. Ironic ro-rap started with a user named 'LilSwaggot' (who is now perma-banned). Notable ironic ro-rappers are YoloMasterFlash, Animeking420, LilStalin and FL1PP3D and they all fucking suck still.


The community and sub-communities of ro-rap are roleplay record labels, recording studios and concert stages. Ro-rapping group relations are sometimes difficult to understand and have been compared to geopolitics (dubbed ro-rap geopolitics) by Johnb.