Typical Kidbloom Thread

Kidbloom the typical attention seeker. She claim's she's 14 when shes 11-12 , and love's showing picture's of her in real life (she's ugly ass fuck) And she flirts with everyone , no matter what! (she a hoe) I bet she already has aid's by now[lol]  and she compare's her self with everyone else + she think's she's better than everyone else shake my dick , what a poser and hypocrite !  o yeah and she say's everyone thinks she's pretty which she's not she has that black metal attire style  (LMAOOOOO) 

Section heading

-loves getting attention

-is ugly ass fuck but claims she's pretty

-has anger issues

-mcr + walking dead sucks

-sucked drawsomemonkeys small penis

-oral sex

- no condom while having sex

-anime scum 

-dick sucker

-pussy licker

-penis eater




-in real life she has no life

-she's emo

-she sucked her fathers penis

-she cut's every night and cries in the corner 

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