Spongebob the fourth season dvd boxset REVIEW

Spongebob the fourth season dvd boxset REVIEW.-0

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"If you're wasting any form of energy on psp, he already won."

iwantpsp ( is a former(?) ro-rapper and shitposter on MT. Though he rarely posts on MT anymore, he lives on as someone who posted some of the most cringe-worthy posts and ro-raps. He has tried to come back anew on MT using many alternative accounts, these efforts were all obvious and dismantled by everyone. iwantpsp is now a prolific ATR forummer who seems to be actually well-respected. He also posted on VGF for a short period of time but seemed to be disliked, thus moving to ATR.

Ro-Rap Career

iwantpsp has made a number of ro-raps that tried to emulate his idols, Eminem and Hopsin. He even released a ro-rap album???. It's called the "Kraz-E EP".

Criticism & Controversy

As stated before, iwantpsp had a horrible reputation based of his quality of posts and his limited musical taste which only included Hopsin, Eminem and D-12. Many prominent posters on MT have 'covered' his songs like this and this.