FL1PP3D, also known as Based Flipped, ( is a professional dick sucker and MTer. He has many songs talking about his love for ratchets, fat cocks, money and positivity. He's also a world renowned bitch nigga. 

Early Life and Start to CareerEdit

Most of his early life is unknown, but he started his career at Hood Records, one of the most shittiest companies he will regret being signed to. He gained fame there for taking it up the ass by everyone, and thus meeting other people. He has also been signed to Obey, RCRD, Anthemic Society, Reloaded Records

He started his own label called Profanity Crew. He planned to diss out most of ro-labels, in which him and his crew did, but he later abandoned it and it was taken over by LilRac. He has put a stop to Island Music Group and ended griffweb's (Kayo) career.

Based Flipped (2013-Present)Edit

Based Flipped has attracted many basement dwellers, and haters. Some of his known haters are larus3 and his mother (legojo) who beats him with a dildo every day before school. There is currently mild beef with Based Wekkless, but they still made a song together. He is in a group called Based Gang Trill 'Em All founded by DrAwsomeMonkey and Shadybrute, along with himself. His song "Acception" ft. Based Wekkless has been known to spread positivity throughout MT. He will continue to help everyone with his positive comments, words, actions and by popping mollies.

Notable songs

  • Diamonds N Errthang
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • I Love Penis


Based Flipped (TBA)