King kirkland by mai taniyama anime-d4htm1q

Animeking420, in his crown and uniform.

Animeking420 is most particularly the largest and biggest ironic ro-rapper in roblox history, breaking ground with his 2013 release Animeking420 And His Ro-Rap Covers.

Humble Beginnings

One bored day Animeking420 was working on Some Stupid Gay Bullshit in his basement when after taking a huge fucking dump in the bucket under his desk, he thought "Man, I should make a ro-rap cover album!". He began work almost instantaneously.

Going to his recording studio in the crawl space in his basement, he decided to go into it and take off his pants and crawl in the dusty, murky space in his basement. crowded with spiderwebs, scorpions, and locusts, he proceeded to consistantly stroke his penis. after nearly half an hour of groaning and urging to reach climax, he finally approached orgasm and out of his dick came a physical CD case labelled "Animeking420 And His Ro-Rap Covers". My name is Animeking420, and this is my story.

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The Cover Album: Volume I

The first album of many to come pooped out of his dick by Animeking420.

  1. A rap. Enjoy. : / (LiaLarson12345 cover)
  2. Beef (Jordan39,,Enormity diss) (iwantpsp cover)
  3. Song:ill never change: (amegaman cover)
  4. Truimph (Enormity Cover) FT. Fart Commander

Download the album:

The Cover Album: Volume II

Coming soon (2013)